At NADA, Dealer-FX to Reveal How Auto Dealership Service Departments Use ONE Platform to Create an Excellent Customer Experience, Shorter Cycle Times, Better Capacity Utilization and Improved Performance Metrics

ONE Platform is the only customer experience management platform for dealer service

Toronto, ON and Rochester Hills, MI, January 9, 2017 –  Dealer-FX, the leading customer experience management platform for dealers and OEMs, said dealers using ONE Platform, its mobile service technology suite, report more engaged customers who spend more dollars with them across their entire ownership experience.

ONE Platform is comprised of seven hardware and software components which together manage the entire service experience, from initial Connection through Scheduling, curbside Check-In, Inspection, mobile Check-Out and Retention marketing. An intuitive set of dealer-facing tools, Total Service Management, gives dealership employees real-time visibility into the whole process, so they can easily plan, adjust and communicate both internally and externally to ensure expectations are properly set and met. ONE Platform optimizes dealership workflow and efficiency by improving capacity management and cycle time. By benchmarking dealer operations, ONE Platform enables dealership employees and management to continuously improve customer satisfaction and dealer profitability.

Dealers report One Platform helps them drive meaningful improvements in key metrics, including:

  • 24% increase in parts and service
  • 21% increase in number of repair orders
  • $75 increase in dollars per VIN
  • $295 increase from appointment to final RO
  • 3x improvement in retention


“Dealers using ONE Platform deliver a demonstrably better experience to their service customers and simultaneously drive improvements in all the metrics dealers care about. Our mobile applications help create an enduring bond with customers, starting at the sales-to-service handoff, and nurtures those relationships well into the highly profitable post-warranty ownership years,” said Dealer-FX President and CEO, Gary Kalk.

“OEMs and their dealers using Dealer-FX report the kind of performance results that leave no doubt about ONE Platform’s ability to increase service lane volume, repair order dollars and customer retention,” Kalk said. “In a world of heightened consumer expectations, churning RO’s doesn’t lead to long-term business success. Instead you need tools and processes that build consumer trust, which translates into highly profitable long-term relationships,” he said.

A preferred vendor of Fiat Chrysler, Nissan, Audi and other global automakers, Dealer-FX will demonstrate ONE Platform and its relevance to modern dealer service trends at booth #2360 at the NADA convention in New Orleans, January 27-29th.


About Dealer-FX

Dealer-FX is transforming how millions of consumers interact with automotive brands and their retailers. Our customer experience management platform uses advanced data analysis and mobile applications to deliver convenience, transparency and trust to consumers, and increased efficiency, profitability, retention and brand loyalty to OEMs and dealers.

ONE Platform comprises seven components which together manage the entire service experience from initial contact through drive-off and to next visit. It delivers the best dealer service experience available.

Dealer-FX is the exclusive or preferred service technology provider for several OEMs in the US and Canada, and has more than 2,000 dealership customers. Dealer-FX is based in Toronto and maintains an office in Rochester Hills, MI. For more information please visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.